Illustrations for a children's book 2018

The Moon of Milk

An object made in Cinema 4D

Union Jack in Cinema 4D

An interactive menu made in what was Macromedia Director in 2002

Final Project at University - CD-ROM 2003

Experimental floating feathers in Cinema 4D

Making a straw bale in Cinema 4D

A hand drawn and painted mural at Mabie Farm Park

Mabie Farm Park- Front Page of Brochure

Inside of Mabie Farm Park Brochure

Mabie Farm Park Brochure
Witch Character made in Cinema 4D

Frank made in Cinema 4D


Illustrated Pig and Duck at Halloween

Exploding Straw for Exhibition

Record Collection

Tunnocks tea cake

Picasa Logo

Picasa logo created in Cinema 4D

Smokey Bear in Cinema 4D

Smokey Bear in Black and Orange

Exploding IPOD

Struan's Storyboarding CD-ROM in 2003

Tangled 3D Spiderweb

3D Character Head in Cinema 4D

Spaceman 2D Character in a 3D Environment

A Tree in Bloom

A Pen Sketch of a Witch Character

Witch Sketch

Feathers on Black Background made in Cinema 4D

Tee shirt Illustration

2D Character in 3D Environment

Illustrated Bandaged Character

Forum Logo

Array of Light in Cinema 4D


Clay Characters

Skateboard Character

Leprechaun Character

Tee Shirt Design